Guidance Councelor

Hey y'all my name is Jared Kuhn, school counseling has been my dream job since I was in high school. I can say I’m living my dream to help students achieve their goals in school and life. I grew up in the great Pacific Northwest with my parents and my sister. I was fortunate enough to travel around the United States because of baseball in high school and in college. Sports taught me so much about life and how to carry yourself in difficult times and overcome your struggles to be successful. Life is all about overcoming obstacles and learning how to move forward. I’m so blessed to be working with children because they're going to be the future leaders of our country.  Therefore, I get the privilege to see them grow and learn how to become young adults, which gives me the joy to get up every day and be excited to go to work. I’m so happy to be a part of the Orofino community and the Orofino Joint School District. Go Maniacs!!!

-Mr. K

Mr. K